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Our R&D power

From the birth of the design concept to the launch of the final product, innovation has always been the driving force for our R&D team. In order to cultivate the best R&D team in the industry, a large amount of money is invested every year to support R&D personnel. There are currently more than 80 professionals in three major R&D institutions engaged in R&D work, dedicated to the research and development of innovative automotive electronic products. At present, most of our company's products have passed patent applications. All this depends on the unremitting efforts of the R&D team and the support of business partners.


Gradually establish an international R&D network

More than 80 engineers and technicians are currently employed in 3 R&D centers in 2 countries.


In order to adapt to the transformation process of the entire automotive market and provide effective support to our customers from all over the world, HighSky Intelligent gradually expands the scale of existing R&D centers and opens new institutions, so that its research and development departments have sufficient room for expansion.

Since 2013:

HighSky Intelligent opened a new laboratory for R&D and testing of automotive electronic products in Zhongshan, China

HighSky Intelligent opens a new product development and technology center in Shenzhen, China

HighSky Intelligent opened a new product R&D technology center in Singapore, gradually injecting international R&D strength

This pace of development shows HighSky Intelligent's firm belief in innovation. A number of product patents were registered in 2012, including a number of product design and product technology patents.

Efficient cooperation

In order to expand and improve the professional quality of the company, HighSky Intelligent has carried out a series of cooperation projects with many domestic automobile manufacturers and established a cooperative partnership for common development.


product design

Preliminary research and development

Mold technology

Reliability test